Who wrote it?


I think I have to get moving with some work for the exams.

Why say sorry for something you haven't even done?

It's a shame that I had to quit my job just when I was getting the hang of things.


I'd like to say that I understand it all very well, but you can understand such only if you've felt it on your own back.

If you are American, you have a citizen duty for your country.

Did Sandeep really say he loved you?

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Seeing the briskly working toy consultants also left a strong impression.


He took leave of his family and got on board the plane for New York.

I saw a mouse!

The eagle does not catch flies.

Kristen is starting to panic.

I'm not lonely.


After that, I don't remember anything.

Never choose a vocation just because it permits the wearing of good clothes.

Kee will go to Boston tomorrow.

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There'll be trouble.

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Thanks for doing the dishes.

My periods started to be less frequent and lighter when I was 48.

Siping can speak both French and English very well.

Let's eat a watermelon!

When was the last time you had a bath?

Thank you, everybody. Thank you so much.

Shamim was cowering behind his bar.


The three people gave three different accounts of the accident.

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The job is practically done.

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I sent it yesterday; you should receive it tomorrow.

I don't want fruit.

Let me know the results later.

In this country, the majority of the population professes Sunni Islam.

Look! Here they come crossing the water.

The soldier was blinded by a flashbang grenade.

I had never seen so much money.

Piercarlo doesn't have hairy arms.

I've been trying to find my keys.

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People walk naturally.

Her eyes remind me of a cat.

I'd like to hear what you think.


Revised arrived first.

This desk is too small for her.

You haven't done anything I've asked you to do.

A man cannot be comfortable without his own approval.

Were you the bass player?


Because of erosion, the trail is rocky and deep.


His chances of being elected are good.

He lay down on the bed.

If you want to be slim, follow this diet.

He's after me.

Vance used to be a freelance journalist.

Vicky is Helge's landlord.

It was pretty dark.

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I was so certain.

Price has some homework to do.

I couldn't prevent that from happening.

Your guess is as good as mine on this one.

Do you live there?

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Persimmons are highly nutritious and a great delicacy, but sometimes you get a sour one.

Anne put his hand on his pregnant wife's belly.

He asked his girlfriend to borrow her mother's umbrella.


Heinz is good at tennis, isn't he?


We need to be prepared.

Things have changed around here.

I recalled a newspaper story about those twins.

You didn't tell him what I wrote in my diary.

Please give me the newspaper when you've finished reading it.


It is easy for him to answer this question.

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You listen more to what this charlatan says than to what the doctor says.

I hope to make it.

If it were not for your advice I would fail.

I am prepared to put up with it for the time being.

She's diabetic, so her blood sugar was already out of whack.


Emily is English.

... reason? What you're looking for is a pretext, isn't it?

Amelia Earhart was the first woman to fly across the Atlantic solo.

Once upon a time, there was a bad man.

Joachim has been studying French a long time.


Where are you going to be?

We both want to go to Boston.

I cannot help thinking about him.


She can speak three languages.

There really was an Alice, but Wonderland is a figment of the imagination.

Richard wanted to win.


I didn't think you'd come back.

Urs was almost killed in the accident.

In each of us the genius will sleep.

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You're not sleepy, are you?

Are you suggesting that I stole something?

Clifford stopped here.

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I've dreamed about it every night for the last three weeks.


Their purpose is to help the poor in any place where they live.

He was my only joy.

We'll get them ready.

She tried to screen her son from reality.

Devon had one brother and three sisters.

Eugene felt like an outcast.

What is the subject of your lecture?

We don't know yet if he really broke his leg. They'll do an X-ray of it.

More than eight percent of Iceland's population is in France at the moment to watch their national team play in the European Championship. Iceland is so deserted right now that it looks like Iceland.

I see you are ready.

Do you know any good Korean restaurants.

Changes in society come from individuals.

Gunnar was in a coma.

I don't know how many times Sherman has gone to Boston.

I love spending time with Shannon.

My driver's license will expire next week.

Lynn called the referee an idiot.


I feel dizzy every time I stand up.

Norbert pretended to be sick, so he wouldn't have to go to school.

He won a dramatic success.


Where did Shakil find the machete?

Caroline lost his car keys.

India's Independence Day is celebrated on the fifteenth of August.

The moon is very beautiful this evening.

I hope everyone is safe.


Saiid is quite busy just now.


I don't know the Latin language.

It's obvious that he's right.

A radical disarmament treaty prohibits all armaments and armed forces.

This time tomorrow I'll be studying in the library.

What was her answer to your proposal?

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He is said to be rich.

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Ask me anything!

Best of luck to you.

She abandoned herself to pleasure.

There are lots of hardships in our life.

Is there a quiet corner in here where I can study?

Kylo had a problem yesterday.

I suggested that we bring the meeting to an end.

The expression on her face was more sour than a lemon.

He cannot be a slow learner.

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Hydropower is a renewable resource.

This is my big break.

How long have you been seeing Jess?

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Ole ran over to help Roxana.

Sanche was clipping his nails as he waited for Jesper to finish getting dressed.

Billie bought Bjorne a copy of "How to Win Friends and Influence People", by Dale Carnegie.


She is going to part from her boyfriend.

Patty isn't very young.

I will teach you.


She shook the rug to get dust out of it.

I hope to pass my exams.

Kiki's eyes were glued to the screen.

I looked her straight in the eye.

I almost fell off the cliff.

The boy buys a dog.

Bill can ride a bicycle.


Naim's important.


We have a door between our offices.

I don't have to do that if I don't want to, do I?

It has become very cold.


If you are interested, let us meet again tomorrow.

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She competed in the Paralympic Games.


Fiction is as old as fairy tales and myths.

You will be able to ski well next year.

You need to stop being so pushy.

Don't dress like a slut.

Kris and I got there at the same time.